Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Do you stutter too? Its a problem and we have a solution.

Many teens and adults who stutter have been to speech therapy for their stuttering at least once in their lives. Some people have been through years of therapy. Just because you may have had treatment for your stuttering in the past does not mean you shouldn't consider it again. It is common for stuttering to change over time or for emotions and attitudes about your speech to change as you have new experiences. This may be the only area of your life that are unable to control. Its recurring can have many reasons including and not limited to emotional ones.

What you can do

1. Go back to therapy.
2. Take a step forward and use device for therapy - SpeakFluent.

Going back to therapy is traditional and result oriented. Then why opt for SpeakFluent?

We tell you why:
  1.  It saves time. No need to go to therapy sessions.
  2.  Its portable. Take it anywhere with you be it office or parties.
  3.  Its hand handled and user friendly. Its compact size and design makes it easier to hold in palm and practice as per your requirements.
  4.  Its battery operated with 3 day backup. No plugging in every time..

Man.... if it could make calls.. it'd be better than my cell.